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Ok, I lied… iPhone apps are not so great after all

Posted on Jun 29, 2011 in Personal, Technology | 0 comments


In my previous post I said that since I had the WordPress iPhone app I would be able to post more frequently… but it hasn’t been so. For the first 2 months I had the iPhone I spent every spare minute downloading “cool” apps (which I used once and then never again, I even have a paid app which I have never even opened). But now… three (or has it been four?) months since I acquired the device… I only use it for texting, calling, taking photos, receiving and sending emails and browsing the web. Ah! And Evernote. Twitter. And maybe Facebook… if I’m in the social mood.

Is it because I haven’t found any long lasting apps? Maybe I’m not using my iPhone enough? (damn, I haven’t even got time to download my music into it! I always keep procastinating) Or is it because none of the apps I’ve downloaded have established a long term relationship with me? I guess I’ll keep looking for other cool apps and see if one of them incite my attention… (Maybe it’s because there are not many apps available in Peru? Hmmm…)

On another note, I downloaded the latest Xcode from Apple this weekend. Needed to update the one I had, since I installed Rhodes and it kept asking me the latest iPhone simulator.

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